Shoulder Pain in Addison TX?

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A frozen shoulder in Addison TX can cause great pain and discomfort. Anyone who has experienced this condition knows how debilitating this can be. Although this can be caused by a variety of factors, this is a condition that typically does not heal itself quickly unless you seek professional assistance. Can a chiropractic help with this issue? Yes! Professional care is the best method for helping this ailment.

Characteristics of this are pain and stiffness in the Glenohumeral joint. Eventually, this leads to an inability to move the area which can last for an average of 4 to 12

months without professional help. Because of this, we advise our patients to seek help from a chiropractor as soon as they experience this sensation. Early intervention can decrease or even eliminate the long-lasting effects of this frustrating condition.

Benefits of Care

We help provide many benefits for individuals suffering from this diagnosis. Because our care addresses the root of the problem, the duration of the condition is often greatly decreased. In addition to quicker recovery time, this alleviates inflammation and pain surrounding the area. Our goal when helping an individual suffering from this injury is to enable them to return to their normal level of activity as quickly as possible. By properly aligning the spine through manipulation and various techniques, we provide our patients with an alternative form of recovery.

Preventing Glenohumeral Joint Issues with Us

Many of our patients have had success in preventing this scapular pain through the use of professional care. Routine adjustments to the spine, as well as lifestyle changes suggested by our experienced team, can prevent the onset of this condition. Our team is passionate about educating each of our patients on how to live a life that promotes optimal health and whole-body wellness.

Improved Range of Motion in Addison TX

Our plans also work to improve the range of motion in the affected scapular region. Dr. David Bynum accomplishes this by using a variety of modern techniques. First, he restores full ranges of motion and allow the person to begin sleeping through out the night again. By carefully manipulating the soft tissue of the area as well as correcting any spinal misalignments, he can provide your body with the ability to continue the healing process.

Natural Relief

Our primary goal is to first restore full ranges of motion and allow the patient to begin sleeping through out the night again. Anybody with these symptoms knows how severe and often times debilitating they can be. With all the different approaches that are available, pain is generally the last thing that will leave. Having full range of motion in this area should be the primary objective to alleviate problems. Often times the techniques we use can restore full ranges of motion with just one adjustment. Once range of motion is fully restored further adjustments and rehabilitation will help stabilize the area and free the patient from suffering.


Chances are, the reason you are reading this article is that you believe you may be experiencing a frozen shoulder. The best way to detect and diagnose this is to visit our professionals. However, here are a few ways to distinguish it from other types of scapular aches.

The primary symptoms include pain as well as stiffness. The stiffness caused makes it very difficult or even impossible to move the affected area in any direction.

It is often described as dull, aching sensation. This usually affects the scapular muscle that extends across the top of your arm. Depending on the level of your strain, you may also feel it in other areas of the affected arm. In many cases, this throbbing will worsen at night. As you can imagine, this can make sleeping challenging.

Professional care can greatly alleviate the pain caused by this injury. In addition to natural relief, we can also improve your range of motion in the affected areas so you can get back to a normal life.

The Three Stages

This issue usually progresses in three separate stages. The first stage is rightfully known as the ‘freezing stage.’ During this time, you will likely feel it begin to develop in your scapular area as you are moving it. You begin to experience a decreased range of motion although you are still able to move it as needed. For most individuals, this stage lasts anywhere between six to nine months.

Working with a chiropractor at Bynum’s during the ‘freezing stage’ can greatly decrease the potential of reaching further stages.

The ‘frozen stage’ is the most painful stage. During this stage, movement becomes much more difficult as stiffness increases exponentially. Some individuals experience a lessening of aches during the this stage although great discomfort is inevitable. When in the ‘frozen stage’ it has the potential to greatly impact your life and daily routines. This stage typically lasts between four to twelve months.

The third and final stage is the ‘thawing stage’. Issues greatly decreases as the condition starts to heal. Your range of motion slowly returns to normal. Although the condition is improving at this point, it is usually the longest stage. The ‘thawing stage’ can last anywhere between six months to two years.

Additional Care

Our teams plan for you is most certainly the most beneficial remedy for this common issue. There are, however, additional ministrations that can be used alongside our care. During certain phases, the use of physical therapy and stretching can be incredibly beneficial! However, this should always be done under the supervision of a trained professional. Using physical therapy or even stretching in the wrong way can do more harm than good.

Although it does not treat the actual condition, the use of hot and cold therapy can provide great relief. This allows the individual to participate in physical therapy or stretching as suggested.

Another way to provide relief from the aches and discomfort caused by the freeze is to invest in an arm sling. Although this limits your ability to move in certain ways, it provides great support which can be helpful as you move throughout your daily activities.

Our team always strives to provide each patient with additional information on their condition. By combining specially studied techniques with other care types, they can enable their patients to be as comfortable as possible as they move towards complete healing.

Chiropractic Care

Our Amazing team is passionate about offering natural alternatives for helping painful conditions like a frozen shoulder. Although the cause is largely unknown, maintaining overall health and wellness through our care can greatly reduce your risk of any development.

Additionally, Dr. Bynum has successfully diagnosed and cared for this issue in numerous patients throughout the duration of his career. This experience in the area provides him with valuable knowledge of techniques that are most beneficial to healing this ailment amongst others.

Whether you have suffered for several months without resolve, or are simply hoping to prevent this condition in the future, our care has proven to be highly beneficial. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment and experience long-lasting relief.


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